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The Benefits of Micro-Influencers

Micro influencer

The social media industry is changing at the speed of light. As if overnight, influencers and bloggers of all sizes and niches have popped up and are taking the marketing world by storm. What used to be the field for celebrities and athletes, is now a job market that is being dominated by creatives from around the world. So how do you even find the right influencer? How can you make sure your brand gets the best bang for your buck?

By now, it is no secret that macro-influencers get paid large sums for their sponsored posts. Their very large follower account allows them to charge upwards from $10,000 for a single post because of their reach. It really is that simple, the larger the follower count the larger the reach, right? Well, what if I told you you were wrong. In fact, REACH IS NOT EVERYTHING.

If you are just getting started in social media marketing, it can be very easy to get sucked into this large-follower concept. As a brand trying to make a name, paying a macro-influencer may seem like the quickest route to fame. That is an idea that you need to steer clear from. Instead of focussing so much on that follower count, it is important to dive a little deeper and examine who you are actually reaching and what that reach will actually bring you.

With that being said, let's talk about the benefits of using Micro-Influencers!
A micro-influencer is someone with a follower range between 2,000-50,000 followers. They are often more focused on a specific niche or market such as beauty, fashion, travel, or fitness. Now before you panic, remember what I said and don't focus on the follower count! Micro-influencers have more to offer than you may think. Let's break things down into 5 key benefits.

1. Their Communities
Because Micro-influencers are usually focussed on a specific niche or theme, they also have a community that corresponds to that niche. In other words, if you are looking at a fitness micro-influencer, he or she is going to have a following made up of people who are genuinely looking for workout tips, brands, locations, and more. You can match your brand to an influencer and assure that the people you are reaching will be interested in your product. Using a micro-influencer to promote your product allows you to hire an individual who will spread your brand name with passion.

2. Their Engagement
Remember when I said reach isn't everything? Well, engagement is! A social media engagement rate refers to the metric used to measure how active an audience is. The engagement rate tracks how many followers are liking, commenting, and sharing each individual post an influencer makes. That is where micro-influencers dominate! With macro-influencers, the high follower count can often lead to a very low engagement rate. That means the number of people engaging compared to the number of followers is not significant. The benefit of a micro-influencer is that their loyal communities look forward to interacting with posts. A micro-influencers have been shown to generate 7x more engagement!! A macro-influencer generally brings in around 1%-3% engagement while a micro-influencer generates 3%-8% engagement.

3. Their Authenticity
A smaller community means more one-on-one connections! With micro-influencers, you can almost guarantee that the followers have a more personal relationship with the influencer. Whether it be through daily DMs or through constant story updates, micro-influencers can connect on a very real level with their followers. This personal connection allows a sponsored post to feel less like advertisement and more like a recommendation. Authenticity is hard to keep as the follower count grows because it because harder for an influencer to interact with everyone. By keeping a smaller and more tight-knit community, micro-influencers can successfully drive RIO for brands because of the trust they have built with their followers.

4. Cost Effectivity
This is that bang for your buck that I was talking about!
When dealing with influencer rates, a general rule of thumb is a penny per follower. That means an influencer with 10,000 followers is going to request $100 per post while someone with 1000,000 will ask for a rate of $1,000 per post. Factor in the fact that micro-influencers have been proven to see a better RIO for their rates, a brand really does get more out of a collaboration with a smaller influencer. You literally get more for your money.

5. The Local Factor
Something that should never be overlooked with a micro-influencer is the impact on local businesses. Everything from restaurants to hair salons can be advertised through micro-influencers because of their strong local communities. If you choose to work with a local influencer, you can drive local foot traffic, something that an influencer from a different state would not be able to do for you.

To sum things up, the benefits of working with a micro-influencer are endless. Whether it be quality content or quality audience, a micro-influencer can deliver results like no other.

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