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What is influencer marketing and why do you need it?

Influencer Marketing on Social Media
Raise your hand if you have ever bought something because of a picture you saw on Instagram?

Raise your hand if you have ever gone to a restaurant because you saw it on pinterest?

Raise your hand if you have ever planned a vacation because of a blog you read?

If you raised your hand for any one of these items, then you have experienced influencer marketing. Let us start by saying, there is no shame! We have all bought items or planned events because of a pretty picture we saw, that is just how marketing works. The only difference between marketing then and marketing now is that a few years ago pictures were in magazines and now they are distributed across social media platforms. However, the concept has stayed the same. Share products through pictures!


So what is influencer marketing exactly? Influencer marketing is the creation of digital content that showcases a brand or a message. That content is then distributed on online platforms in order to reach a targeted audience. An influencer uses creative concepts to increase brand awareness and drive web traffic. In traditional marketing, advertisements are sent out in magazines, newspapers, radio ads, and television. In influencer marketing, advertisements are posted on social media channels such as facebook, pinterest, instagram, and youtube. This new distribution network is exactly what has made influencer work a whole new branch in the field of marketing. Influencers are able to reach an audience that traditional marketing does not have access to. To give it to you straight, an influencer posts about a brand to get the name out into the digital world!


But before you go off hiring the first influencers you see on instagram, you need to understand that there are different types of influencers that specialize in sharing different products. Travel influencers are known for sharing their destination and hotel tips. Fitness influencers are experienced in the world of diets, workout gear, and supplements. Beauty influencers are your go-to for makeup tips and skincare routines. Fashion influencers are there for all things clothes and style. And lifestyle influencers tend to be a combination of everything. It is important to distinguish between the types of influencers because you want to make sure your brand is able to click with the right audience. A beauty influencer is most likely not going to share a new cardio routine because that is not what his or her audience is looking for. You will only get the right exposure with the right influencer.


And finally we get to the big question, why do you need influencer marketing? It is no secret that it has taken companies and brands a long time to jump onto the social media train. When the concept of influencers first started arising, it was seen as a joke, as a phase that would pass. But now, according to a study done by Linqui, 84% of marketing departments use social media and 94% of those departments have found it to be successful. The newer generations are no longer responding to traditional marketing because their worlds have become so intertwined with social media aps. People are no longer turning to travel brochures, they are turning to their favorite travel bloggers. Instead of buying clothes out of a magazine, people are ordering outfits that they found on instagram. So in order to get your brand name out to the next generation, you need to find an influencer marketing strategy that works for you!

If you are ready to dive into the world of social media marketing, this series is right for you!

Next time on the blog…. The difference between micro and macro influencers.

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