We are Gypsies with a burning Wanderlust connecting unique Experiences with Travelers.

Gypsy Travel Adventures is a group of travel & lifestyle scouts.
We share our experiences with fellow travelers and promote destinations, cruise lines, hotels & resorts, ...

Editorials for European Travel Magazine REISE AKTUELL
Country expeditions, destination experiences, travel stories, city shots, hotel tests, and traveling la carte - culinary recommendations around the world, published in Austrian travel magazine REISE AKTUELL, for the Austrian and German market. with a reach of 421,000 readers.

Miraculous Travel Stories
We package you into an exciting read for your guests and travelers.
The new generation of travelers doesn't believe in traditional advertising anymore.
They are looking for unique experiences; wanderlust wants bragging rights.
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Social Media Campaigns
We can reach the travel and fashion community and motivate them to interact with the Think Gypsy Instagram account.
We deliver the right content, photos, videos and stories. Think Gypsy lives from trends, from inspiration for everyday life & travel adventures.

Pictures, Videos & Vlogs for Instagram, Youtube & TikTok

Stunning, young, sassy & cheeky. The only way they should be.

Adventure E-Books
Accessible on- and offline, downloadable to tablets, readable anywhere.
Interactive with videos, pictures, directions, opening times, info, links to reservations & booking, ...
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Digital Wallet Card
Photo spots and other infos are always handy on your phone.
No App to install, no password to remember, just download it to your phone
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Scouting & Testing
We scout & test destinations, hotels, restaurants, activities, ... for Traveler Platforms in the USA & Europe.
After testing we suggest these places for cross promotions between America & Europe.
Interested? We bet you are!
Top 10 Vienna

Working with Influencers & Social Media Platforms
Discover how influencer marketing is changing the world of marketing.
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Veni - Vidi - Vici with Think Gypsy

We stop by - Scout you out - Win over your guests

This is how it works - it's pretty easy:
1. Get your place ready for us.
2. Show us your best side (and thank you for covering that).
3. We do our magic for a small fee (posting, photo shooting, videos, ...).

Our experiences are distributed to our fans and also available for your own marketing.

You might not even know all your treasures.
For you it is Joe, the bartender.
For travelers it might be Joe, the guy who knows all local secrets.
We will find your best kept secrets and promote them!
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Get featured in European Travel Magazine REISE AKTUELL

REISE-Aktuell is Austria's most exclusive travel magazine. This high end 4-color magazine is published three-times a year by the CB-publishing house. For more than 20 years REISE-aktuell presents dream-destinations for the German and Austrian market.

It is distributed at kiosks and bookshops in Austria and Germany, on business-class flights of Lufthansa & Austrian Airlines and in airport lounges and lounges of the BB (Austrian Federal Railways).
REISE-aktuell is also available at supermarkets, several 5-star hotels, at Lifestyle & Health Care Clubs and also at travel agency counters. REISE-aktuell is part of the Austrian Lesespiegel, a professional delivery-system for waiting rooms of fitness centers, hairdressers and lawyers.

REISE-aktuell also publishes an e-magazine which can be downloaded through airline apps and it is also available online through MYREADIT

Reise Aktuell Magazine Austria Germany

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